How to Grill Bacon (Easy & Crispy)

How to grill bacon

When people hear the word “bacon,” they imagine crunchy, delectable meat strips sizzling in a pan. But do you know there are many ways to cook bacon? Grilling is one of those many ways. However, grilling bacon can be challenging and might not always turn out great.

But do not worry! We are here to help you grill the most delicious bacon ever! Get ready to learn the amazing recipe for grilling bacon like a pro!

How to Cook Bacon on Grill?

Here is a simple guide to assist you in cooking bacon using a grill:


  • Bacon strips
  • Olive oil or non-stick cooking spray to use on grill grates


  • Grill
  • Tongs
  • Aluminum foil (optional for easy cleanup)
  • Paper towels

Preheat the Grill:

Set the grill to a medium heat setting. The ideal temperature is between 350 and 400 °F (175-200 °C).

Prepare the Bacon:

Spread the bacon strips out on a clean surface. You can cut the extra fat if you want to. To prevent sticking, brush the grill grates with olive oil. If you do not have olive oil available, you can use a non-stick cooking spray.

Grilling the Bacon:

  • For the gas grill – put the bacon strip directly on the grill grates. Place it perpendicular to the grates to prevent the slices from falling through. As a result, you can ensure the even cooking of bacon.
  • For a charcoal grill – you can cook bacon using a grilling basket, a cast-iron skillet, or putting a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil directly on the grates. 

Check for doneness: Keep checking the bacon’s doneness until it reaches your desired level of crispiness. After you have cooked it to your preferred level, use the tongs to take the bacon off the grill. Place the cooked bacon on a platter covered with paper towels to remove any extra fat.

Serve: Once it has cooled and absorbed any extra fat, it is time to serve the bacon. 

Enjoy it with your family and loved ones!

Is It Better to Fry or Grill Bacon?

Both grilling and frying are good ways to cook bacon. Both methods leave a unique taste and flavor on bacon strips. It is ultimately up to you to decide which of the two methods you prefer. You can consider frying it if you want crisp bacon with a rich brown color. However, try cooking bacon on an electric grill to cook bacon with crispy edges and rich flavor. 

Do You Need Oil to Grill Bacon?

Since the bacon releases its own fat to cook in, you do not need to add additional oil. Turn the bacon over with your favorite kitchen tongs as soon as it starts to crumble to ensure that the fat renders evenly.

How Long Does it Take to Cook Bacon on a Grill?

The bacon’s thickness, the grill’s temperature, and individual preference may all affect how long it takes to cook. On a grill, bacon typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. To make sure the bacon cooks evenly, flip it with tongs frequently. 

Is It Safe to Grill Using Aluminum Foil?

Yes, aluminum foil is safe to use on an electric grill. The maximum temperature of most electric grills is around 500ºF, which is considerably lower than the 1220ºF temperature at which aluminum foil ignites.


In conclusion, grilling bacon is a fantastic alternative to the traditional stovetop method, offering a unique flavor and texture to this beloved breakfast staple. By following these simple steps, you can master the art of grilling bacon like a pro.

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