How to Grill a Frozen Steak

How to Grill a Frozen Steak

Did you know before that you can grill a frozen steak in the comfort of your home? Yes, now it is possible only with the help of a good-quality grill. This time-saving cooking method is simple to use and effective to grill frozen steak.

Along with a few important tips, grilling frozen steak is a great technique to cook the meat. It produces precisely grilled exteriors and delicious pink inside. Also, frozen steaks can be seared at high temperatures without burning the interior of the meat.

So, in this article, you will come to know how to grill a frozen streak in detail. So, let’s talk about it! 

Why will you choose to grill the frozen steak? 

From the old-time, frozen meat has been the best and most excellent method of keeping food fresh. The only downside to freezing a steak is that it takes a bit long to defrost and cook. This could be specifically tricky if you have sudden guests to serve food. 

Fortunately, a perfectly cooked steak doesn’t require freezing first! You have to throw it on the grill and eat it! Because it was frozen, it keeps all of its original flavors and defrosting doesn’t take all day.

How to Grill a Frozen Steak? 

Although it can appear difficult, cooking a frozen steak properly will result in a delicious lunch. To prepare the tastiest frozen steak, you have to follow the instructions given below; 

  1. Freeze the Steak Properly 
  2. Sear the steak for 10 minutes 
  3. Add Seasoning and Spices 
  4. Cook on Indirect Heat 
  5. Serve 

Freeze the Steak Properly 

Before grilling, steaks should be frozen or purchased already frozen. To ensure proper freezing, you have to place the steak on a smooth surface, such as a cookie sheet. Then you will have to discard all of the air from the container before adding the steak. 

The steak should then be placed firmly in your freezer. Be cautious not to mistakenly leave the freezer opened. If the steak is not prepared before it defrosts, it will be ruined. 

Don’t freeze the steaks for an extended period. The normal shelf life to freeze the meat is three to six months.

Sear the steak for 10 minutes 

How long to cook steak on a pellet grill? It is a common question to ask. So, to start searing and grilling anything, it is the best way to cook it directly over a burner. As a result, the sides will have a beautiful and crunchy texture. You must do this on both ends. 

Also, keep a close eye on the clock because the steak will not fully cook by this method. Also, you cannot grill it on an open fire for an extended time.

Add Seasoning and Spices 

Each person uniquely cooks their steak. To let the steak’s original tastes stand out, you should only use salt and pepper to sprinkle on it. Although there are plenty of other unique and delectable alternatives, this will give you the original taste of the meat. 

Make sure not to season the steak before searing it because if you do, the spice won’t stay in the steak. So, you should do this after searing.

Cook on Indirect Heat 

You have to place your steak at a higher temperature after seasoning and searing it to let the interior warm-up. It needs around fifteen minutes of cooking. 

Also, you have to check the temperature with your thermostat before turning off the fire. You should remove the steak from the flame when it is just five degrees away from the temperature you set for it.

Here are the instructions for steak temperatures:

  • rare- 115 degrees
  • medium rare- 120 degrees
  • medium- 130 degrees
  • medium well- 140 degrees
  • well done- 150 degrees


After completing the cooking process, it is time to serve the steak to your loved ones. Also, bring cold drinks with the steak as it will enhance the pleasure of your meal.

How long does raw steak last in the freezer? 

You should freeze the steaks at 0°F or below for 4 to 12 months, as per the FDA. Also, the quality of meat and how you cover it before storing it affect the quality of your steak. 

Besides that, power failure can unintentionally thaw your steaks and will affect how long the meat will last in the freezer.

You should search for these warning signals if you see your frozen steaks are not safe to consume:

  • You must check the time duration if it has gone 12 months since the freezing.
  • The steak seems to be dry.
  • The meat has an odd and cheesy odor.
  • The meat’s surface is gelatinous and covered with a yellow flick.

Best Way to Defrost the Frozen Steak 

If your steak is fine to eat and you don’t want to grill it quickly from the freezer, you can safely defrost it. A cooking pan is a perfect place for a steak to place once it has been taken out of the freezer. With this, you will require any type of wrapping to absorb any liquids. 

The meat should be completely defrosted before refrigeration to defrost. For the finest flavor, prepare the steak by bringing it to room temperature before grilling it.

Grilling Tips of Frozen Steak 

Below are the tips and tricks that you can follow to have a fine grilled frozen steak; 

  1. Get the right thermometer
  2. Use a thick steak
  3. Use direct AND indirect heat

Get the right thermometer

When it relates to grilling a frozen steak effectively, selecting the proper heat level is essential for you. You must keep your Thermo-Pro meat thermometers close at hand. 

Based on your specific needs, they provide several thermometer kinds, such as instant-read meat thermometers and cordless meat thermometers. So, you should bring the proper thermometers and cook your meals having comfort and ease.

Use a thick steak

If you will try to cook your frozen and thin steak quickly, it can be unproductive for you. While frozen thin steak chunks will cook more rapidly, the center part will overcook due to this. 

So, you have to remember that thicker steaks will cook more uniformly and achieve a lovely pink color. The optimum thickness for steaks is between an inch and an inch & a half. Rib eye, T-bone, and sirloin are other excellent pieces for this. Also, you have to keep in mind to grill the small pieces while freezing the thick ones!

Use direct AND indirect heat

The grill heats up so quickly under the direct heat over the burners. When it flares up, the temperature level can reach as high as 2500 degrees. With a temperature of about 300 degrees, indirect heat will produce away from the flames. 

Thus, the secret is to grill the sides of the steak in a direct fire before cooking the center of the steak under low heat.


It is a brilliant option to freeze meat to keep it fresh and healthy. With this, grilling frozen meat will become a fast and delicious method to prepare it. How to grill a frozen steak is a common question that you can think about. 

So, to have a wonderful steak that comes right out of the freezer, you must follow the instructions given in this article. It will taste fantastic, and everyone will admire your cooking capabilities.

What do you think about these methods of grilling frozen steak? Do share your thoughts with me! 


How long to cook frozen steak on the grill? 

You have to grab the frozen meat that is chopped and set it on the end of the heating element. Provide the steak with a rotating motion after three to four minutes of cooking. This will perfectly cook the bottom side. Then turn it over to the opposite side after grilling the first side for a total of five to seven minutes.

How to cook the frozen steak on the charcoal grill? 

Make a hot and cold region on your grill by lighting the charcoal or gas. On a gas grill, it takes about 5 minutes, while on a charcoal grill, it takes around 15 minutes. On the hot end of your grill, put your frozen steaks, and grill for 5 to 7 minutes per side.

What is the best way to cook a frozen steak? 

The best way to cook the frozen steak is to have thick and large meat. If you will directly cook the frozen steak on the grill, it will not cook properly. But if you will have thicker steak, it will cook more uniformly. Monitor the interior temperature while you cook; it should not rise above 90°F.

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