How to Fix Pit Boss ERR Code: Solutions & Troubleshooting Tips

How to Fix Pit Boss ERR Code
How to Fix Pit Boss ERR Code

If you’re encountering the “ERR code” message on your Pit Boss grill, you’re not alone. This type of error message can be frustrating, especially when it halts your grilling plans. However, there are practical steps you can take to fix the issue and get your grill up and running again. In this guide, I’ll walk you through various troubleshooting methods and solutions to resolve the error.

You’ll learn how to fix pit boss err code using basic checks, resetting the Pit Boss controller, verifying power supply and connections, cleaning and maintaining the grill, updating firmware and software, and seeking technical support.

By following these practical solutions and preventative maintenance tips, you’ll hopefully avoid encountering ERR codes in the future. Let’s dive in and explore the most effective pit boss error code solutions.

Understanding Pit Boss ERR Codes

When you encounter an ERR code on your Pit Boss grill, it’s essential to understand what it means to take appropriate action. Each ERR code corresponds to a specific issue with your grill’s components and performance. Therefore, knowing these codes can help you diagnose and troubleshoot the problem more efficiently.

For instance, if you get ERR code E3, it means that your grill isn’t heating up correctly. This is usually due to a faulty temperature sensor or a clogged firepot.

Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the most common Pit Boss ERR codes:

E0Failed to ignite.Check the firepot and burn grate for any blockages or debris. Clean them if necessary. Ensure that the pellets are feeding regularly into the auger. Check if the igniter is functioning correctly.
E1No connectivity between controller and meat probe.Inspect the meat probe connector and the jack port for any visible damage. Replace the probe or the jack if needed.
E2Internal grill error.Power down the grill and unplug it from the outlet. Wait for at least 20 seconds before plugging it back in. Turn on the grill and check if the ERR code persists. If it does, contact Pit Boss customer support.
E3Temperature sensor or firepot clogged or faulty.Inspect and clean the firepot and temperature sensor. Check if the temperature sensor is working correctly. Replace it if necessary.
E4Auger jam.Remove any blockages from the auger. Check if any pellets are remaining in the hopper. Verify if the auger motor is running correctly.

Understanding these error codes can reduce the time needed to troubleshoot your grill and get it working again. However, some ERR codes may require further in-depth inspection, which will be covered in the following sections.

Checking for Basic Issues

Encountering an ERR code on your Pit Boss grill can be frustrating. However, before attempting any complex fixes, it’s essential to check for basic issues that might be triggering the error. In this section, we will guide you through the process of inspecting and addressing common culprits such as pellet jams, clogged auger tubes, and low fuel levels.

Troubleshooting Pit Boss ERR Code

The first step in fixing the ERR code on your Pit Boss grill is to check for pellet jams. Pellet jams occur when pellets clog the auger, preventing them from reaching the fire pot. To inspect for pellet jams:

  1. Turn off and unplug your Pellet Grill
  2. Remove the grates, grease tray, and heat deflector
  3. Using a flashlight, examine the hopper and auger to ensure there are no pellet jams. If there are pellet jams:
  • Clear the pellets by removing them with your hands or a tool
  • Replace the heat deflector, grease tray, and grates
  • Plug in your grill and turn it on to see if the issue has been resolved

Another common culprit for ERR codes is a clogged auger tube, which can cause pellets to back up and prevent them from reaching the fire pot. To check for a clogged auger tube and resolve the issue:

  1. Turn off and unplug your Pellet Grill
  2. Remove the grates, grease tray, and heat deflector
  3. Using a long, thin object such as a coat hanger, clear any debris from the auger tube
  4. Replace the heat deflector, grease tray, and grates
  5. Plug in your grill and turn it on to see if the issue has been resolved

If neither of the above issues is causing the ERR code, low fuel levels might be the problem. Ensure the hopper has enough pellets and that the fuel is feeding correctly. Once you’ve checked and resolved these basic issues, you can move on to more complex solutions to fix Pit Boss grill ERR code issues.

Resetting the Pit Boss Controller

When faced with an ERR code on your Pit Boss grill, sometimes a simple reset can clear temporary glitches and resolve the issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide to safely resetting the controller:

  1. Turn off the grill and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Wait for a few minutes to let the controller cool down.
  3. Plug the grill back in and turn it on.
  4. Press and hold the power button on the controller until it flashes.
  5. Release the power button and wait for the controller to restart.
  6. If the ERR code persists, repeat the process or try other troubleshooting methods.

Resetting the controller is a relatively quick and easy fix that may save you time and effort in resolving the error code. However, if the ERR code continues to appear, it may indicate a more significant issue that requires further attention.

Verifying Power Supply and Connections

If you’ve tried troubleshooting other basic issues but are still encountering the ERR code on your Pit Boss grill, it may be necessary to check the power supply and connections. A faulty power source or loose connections can often trigger ERR codes, causing issues on your grill.

To diagnose this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the power source is stable and running. Check that the outlet you’re using is functioning correctly. If necessary, plug the grill into an alternative power source to rule out an issue with the original outlet.
  2. Inspect the power cord for any damage or wear. If the cord is damaged, avoid using the grill until the cord is replaced.
  3. Inspect and secure all grill connections. Ensure that the plug is fully connected to the socket and that there are no loose or damaged wires.
  4. Test the grill connection by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If this step fails to resolve the issue, you may need to seek technical support or replace the controller.

Verifying the power supply and connections is a crucial part of fixing ERR codes on your Pit Boss grill. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this section, you’ll be able to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue. If none of the steps above have helped, it may be necessary to contact Pit Boss customer support for additional assistance.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Grill

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Pit Boss grill can ensure optimal performance and prevent ERR codes from recurring. Over time, grease and debris can accumulate on the grates, deflectors, and other internal components, leading to potential blockages, malfunctions, and potential ERR codes. Here’s how you can clean and maintain your Pit Boss grill:

Cleaning the Grates

The grates are a critical component of your Pit Boss grill, and it’s essential to keep them clean to ensure even heat distribution and prevent flare-ups. To clean the grates, heat the grill on high for about 15 minutes to loosen the food residue and debris. Next, use a grill brush to scrape off the buildup and wipe clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. Avoid using soap or harsh chemicals that can damage the porcelain-coated grates.

Cleaning the Deflectors

The deflectors are responsible for redirecting heat in your Pit Boss grill and preventing hot spots. To clean the deflectors, remove them from the grill and scrub gently with a soft-bristle brush and warm, soapy water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before replacing them.

Cleaning the Grease Management System

The grease management system in your Pit Boss grill helps to channel grease away from the burn pot and prevent flare-ups. Over time, the system can become clogged and lead to ERR codes. To clean the grease management system, remove the drip tray and grease bucket and empty them. Use a putty knife or scraper to remove any hardened grease and wipe clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. Replace the drip tray and grease bucket and ensure they are securely in place.

Cleaning the Auger and Hopper

The auger and hopper are essential components of your Pit Boss grill, and it’s crucial to keep them clean and free of debris to prevent ERR codes. To clean the auger, remove the pellets, and use a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove any dust or debris. Clean the hopper with a dry cloth or brush and ensure it’s free of any pellets or obstructions.

Performing Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your Pit Boss grill can prevent ERR codes and ensure optimal performance. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Inspect and clean the grill before and after each use to prevent buildup
  • Check for loose connections or damaged parts that may cause ERR codes
  • Inspect the fan blades and motor for signs of wear or damage
  • Always use high-quality pellets and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your Pit Boss model
  • Store your grill in a dry, covered area to prevent rusting and damage

By following these cleaning and maintenance tips, you can minimize the occurrence of ERR codes on your Pit Boss grill and enjoy uninterrupted grilling experiences.

Updating Firmware and Software

If you’ve ruled out basic issues, power supply, and cleaning as potential triggers for the Pit Boss ERR code, you may need to update the firmware or software on your grill. Outdated versions can sometimes cause issues, and updating to the latest version could resolve the error.

To check for updates, visit the official Pit Boss website and navigate to the Support page. From there, select your grill model and look for any available firmware or software updates. You may need to download the updates to a USB drive and plug it into your grill’s controller to initiate the upgrade process.

It’s crucial to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any installation errors, and patience is key as the upgrade may take several minutes to complete. If the firmware or software update doesn’t resolve the ERR code, don’t hesitate to contact Pit Boss customer support for further assistance.

Seeking Technical Support

If you have exhausted the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier and are still facing the ERR code issue on your Pit Boss grill, it may be time to reach out to the Pit Boss customer support team. They have experts in place who can help you identify the root cause of the problem and guide you through the steps to resolve it.

To contact Pit Boss customer support, visit their website and locate the “Support” section. From there, you can submit a support ticket with details about your issue and the necessary information regarding your grill. Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, the model of your grill, and a detailed description of the problem you are facing.

Alternatively, you can also call them directly on their toll-free number, which you can also find on their website.

Remember to provide as much information as possible to expedite the resolution process. The Pit Boss customer support team will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve the ERR code issue on your grill.

Don’t let the ERR code issue hamper your grilling experience. Reach out and avail of the expert Pit Boss error code support today!

Common Pit Boss ERR Code Solutions

If you’ve encountered an ERR code on your Pit Boss grill, don’t panic! Many common errors can be easily resolved with a few simple steps. Here are some of the most typical ERR codes Pit Boss owners encounter and how to fix them:

ERR 1: Auger Jam

This error is typically caused by a blocked auger tube, preventing pellets from feeding into the firepot. To check for this issue, first, ensure that the grill is switched off and unplugged. Then, remove the hopper lid and the pellets from the grill. Next, remove and clean the auger. Use a long object such as a wire or pipe cleaner to clean out any debris in the tube. Once completed, reassemble your grill and test if the error has been resolved.

ERR 2: Ignition Failed

This error code appears when your grill’s ignition has failed, causing issues with lighting the pellets. One common fix is to check your hot rod, which is a heating element that ignites the pellets. To check if the hot rod is causing the error, first, ensure the grill is unplugged. Next, locate the hot rod and check if it is damaged or broken. If so, replace the hot rod and test if the error has been resolved.

ERR 3: Fan Failed

If you receive an ERR 3 code, your grill’s fan may have failed. First, ensure the grill is unplugged, and locate the fan. Check if the blades are blocked or if the fan is damaged. If the blades are blocked, carefully remove any debris, ensuring the fan is not damaged in the process. If the fan is damaged, replace it, and test if the error has been resolved.

ERR 5: Temperature Error

This error code appears when your grill is unable to maintain the set temperature. To troubleshoot this error, first, ensure the grill is unplugged and check if the temperature probe is inserted correctly. Then, examine the wiring and connectors connected to the temperature probe for any damages. If there are no visible issues, replace the temperature probe and test if the error has been resolved.

ERR PB: Power Source Issue

If you receive an ERR PB code, your grill is having issues with its power source. To verify and resolve this issue, first, ensure your grill is plugged in and that the power outlet is working correctly. If the outlet is working fine, remove the control board cover from behind the hopper, and check if any wires are loose, damaged or broken. Reconnect, repair or replace any wires as necessary. This should resolve the issue and clear the ERR PB code.

Hopefully, these solutions will help you resolve common ERR codes on your Pit Boss grill. Remember to take safety precautions and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any mishaps. If you’re still encountering the error, it’s always best to seek technical support from Pit Boss customer service.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

To prevent future Pit Boss ERR codes, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some tips:

Clean the Grill

A build-up of grease and debris can lead to ERR codes. Clean the grill regularly with a grill brush or scraper. Remove the grates and heat deflectors to clean beneath them. Use warm soapy water or a grill degreaser to clean stubborn stains. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

Check the Auger System

The auger system is responsible for feeding pellets to the firepot. Regularly check the auger and motor for any wear and tear or irregularities. Clean the auger and tube thoroughly to prevent jamming or clogs. If necessary, replace any faulty parts.

Inspect the Electrical Connections

Loose, corroded or damaged electrical connections can cause ERR codes. Regularly inspect the power cord, the fuse, and the electrical connections for any issues. Ensure the connections are clean and tight. Replace any faulty parts immediately.

Check the Pellet Hopper

Low fuel levels in the pellet hopper can cause the auger to stop turning, triggering an ERR code. Always keep an eye on the pellet hopper’s fuel level and refill it when necessary. Moreover, ensure that the pellets are dry to prevent clogging or jamming of the auger system.

By following these simple preventative maintenance tips, you can keep your Pit Boss grill in top condition. Regular maintenance can prevent the occurrence of ERR codes on your grill and let you enjoy uninterrupted grilling experiences.


In conclusion, encountering an ERR code on your Pit Boss grill can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can get it back to working order. As I have outlined in this guide, there are several practical steps you can take to resolve Pit Boss ERR codes and enjoy uninterrupted grilling experiences.

It’s essential to understand what the error codes indicate, check for basic issues, reset the controller, verify power supply and connections, clean and maintain the grill, update firmware and software, and seek technical support if necessary. By following the solutions and tips provided in this guide, you’ll be able to fix Pit Boss ERR codes and prevent them from recurring.

Remember to reach out to Pit Boss customer support if you require further assistance. They are always available to provide knowledgeable and efficient support and get your grill up and running again as quickly as possible.

So, don’t let an ERR code dampen your grilling experience. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to resolve the issue, and you’ll be back to enjoying delicious grilled meals in no time!


How can I fix the Pit Boss ERR code on my grill?

To fix the Pit Boss ERR code on your grill, you can follow these steps:

What do Pit Boss ERR codes indicate?

Pit Boss ERR codes are indicators of specific issues or errors that your grill may encounter. Understanding these codes will help you diagnose the problem and take the necessary action.

What basic issues should I check for when troubleshooting Pit Boss ERR codes?

Before attempting complex fixes, it’s important to check for basic issues such as pellet jams, clogged auger tubes, and low fuel levels. Addressing these issues can often resolve the ERR code.

How do I reset the Pit Boss controller?

If a simple reset is needed, you can follow these steps to safely reset the controller and clear any temporary glitches causing the ERR code.

How can I verify the power supply and connections on my Pit Boss grill?

Checking the power supply and ensuring all connections are secure is crucial in troubleshooting ERR codes. We will guide you through the process to identify and rectify any power-related issues.

What steps should I take to clean and maintain my Pit Boss grill?

Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent ERR codes caused by a buildup of grease and debris. Follow our step-by-step instructions to keep your grill in optimal condition.

How can I update the firmware and software on my Pit Boss grill?

Outdated firmware or software can cause ERR codes. We will explain how to check for updates and guide you through the process of updating to potentially resolve the error.

What should I do if the previous troubleshooting steps haven’t resolved the ERR code?

If you are still experiencing the ERR code after following the troubleshooting steps, it may be necessary to seek technical support from Pit Boss. We will provide you with information on how to contact customer support for efficient assistance.

Are there any common solutions for specific Pit Boss ERR codes?

Yes, we will provide you with commonly recommended solutions for specific ERR codes that Pit Boss grill owners often encounter. Each solution will be accompanied by step-by-step instructions for a possible fix.

What preventative maintenance tips can help reduce the occurrence of Pit Boss ERR codes?

Following proper maintenance practices can minimize the occurrence of ERR codes on your Pit Boss grill. We will share valuable tips and advice on preventative maintenance to help you keep your grill in top condition.

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