How to Clean a Traeger Grill

How to Clean a Traeger Grill

Many people love to have a Traeger grill at home, but do you know that if you will not maintain your grill, it will become so messy? Due to this, knowing how to properly maintain a Traeger grill will help you get more use of your item. Also, it is essential for your health as well as for security concerns.

Furthermore, I must tell you that the secret to the delicious cuisine is a clean grill. It is not that difficult to clean a grill as you only have to follow a few instructions to clean your grill. 

But the issue is that maintaining your grill can be challenging if you are a busy person. That’s why you must know how to clean and maintain it. 

So, let’s have a detailed discussion on how to clean a Traeger grill

What is the right way to clean a Traeger Grill? 

The way that Traeger grills produce heat by wood pellets makes them special for grilling. A digger requires to transfer material from the hopper into a tiny vent hood. Also, a temperature sensor control button is used to regulate the grill’s temperature.

The wood pellets require a thermostat-controlled hot rod, which also maintains the grill’s temperatures at the proper heat level. The Traeger grill’s all-steel construction necessitates some maintenance to keep it looking good and functioning perfectly.

If steel is not properly maintained, it will rust and corrode when introduced to heat and moisture. To prevent damage to the inside polymer coating, the areas inside have to be wiped frequently.

The Traeger cooking plate is constructed of carbon steel, porcelain-covered steel grates, or stainless steel depending on the model. These need various cleaning methods.

What you will require for cleaning? 

  • For simple access between all of the grill’s components, you will require a robust wire brush with a long stick or a scraping instrument. 
  • After preparing meals, you will require to wipe the grates, dripping tray, and oil container with cleaning soap or a jar of cleaner and a cloth.
  • All components that are not stainless steel or aluminum should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Due to this, your Traeger will look great even when it is not in use! 

Instructions to Clean a Grill 

After you have completed grilling, and you are going to clean your Traeger, you have to remember to do that as quickly as you can. It is because the process will become easy. After all, some of the material might be a little warmer than usual.

So, you can easily start cleaning them by following the instructions given below; 

  1. Disassemble the Detachable Parts 
  2. Use Soft Cloth to Clean the Parts 
  3. Clean the Internal Side of Traeger Grill 
  4. Clean Cooking Grates 
  5. Clean the Grease Tray 
  6. Allow for Drying and Preheating 

Disassemble the Detachable Parts 

The first process is to take off every single detachable component from the grill. Your food tray, heating pot, and oil canister are some of these components.

Use Soft Cloth to Clean the Parts 

Then, you will have to wash all the separated parts. For this, you will use a gentle damp cloth with some dishwasher soap mixed in for extra cleaning capability on harsh spots. 

After giving each item a good scrub, wipe them off well to remove all of the foam. To clean all surfaces of the Traeger grill of oil, fat, and food debris, you can also use a solvent and a bristle brush. 

This is necessary not just for aesthetic reasons but also because the pieces that are built onto the grills will become rancid. So, it will not require more frequent replacement.

Clean the Internal Side of Traeger Grill 

To make it easier to access all the elements, take everything out of the cooking pot. You can apply a cleaner or other solvent to every effective surface area and wipe them using hand towels. Before cleaning the parts with hot water, make sure all grease, oil, and grime have been cleaned.

Clean Cooking Grates 

Once you have completed all the detachable components, you will start cleaning your grilling grates. For optimal outcomes, clean them with a clean cloth or premium brush. 

A strong wire brush or scraping paper can also be used to cleanse these objects. Before utilizing these tools, you must check your health and safety concerns. Don’t be shy to put a little more effort to get rid of any persistent material that could be there.

Clean the Grease Tray 

You can use a tube brush or an old paintbrush coated in detergent to wipe the grease trap. It is preferable to simply remove the grease trap and wash it in lukewarm water and strippers. You can use this mixture if this is too hard for you to clean. Although it could take some time, it is completely beneficial.

Allow for Drying and Preheating

After properly cleaning every component of your grill, let it air dry completely before reconstructing. You can use a hand towel or kitchen towel if there is any dirt or debris left on the grill. 

Reassembling the grill is necessary after everything has been cleaned and dried. After finishing, switch on your Traeger grill and let it warm up for a few minutes with all the components put together. This is crucial because it will scorch off any surplus filth or oil that could still be present after cleanup. All this is necessary before cooking anything on it.

So, your Traeger Grill has a brand-new appearance now and is prepared to store until your upcoming gathering or cooking activity. Just keep in mind to do this regularly because a dirty grill can result in greasy food, bad scents, and other safety issues in the kitchen.

How can I use soap to clean my Traeger Grill?  

  • On a Traeger pellet grill, you can safely use dishwashing soap. But the grill should never be cleaned with abrasive cleaners or pressure cleaners. 
  • You must prevent over-wetting the grill by wiping it down with a damp cloth that is soaked in soap. After using soap on any surface of the grill, wipe the grill with a clean towel. For cleansing the stainless-steel surface, the Traeger grill producers recommend using soap.
  • To clean the grill using a grill brush, there is Traeger pellet grill cleaning liquid. It is carefully formulated to do the cleaning without damaging it.
  • Even after a thorough cleaning, the toxins in soaps can stick to the griddle’s steel surface. Your grilled meal can contain these leftovers, which can alter the flavor of your meal.
  • Prevent splashing water into the vent hood or pellet pan. It is because doing so will make bloats inside the pellets and stop the screw.
  • Additionally, keep in mind that the power supplies of the grills are not completely weatherproof.

Can I use Onion to clean the Traeger Grill? 

Although it will seem weird, an onion can be used to clean soiled grill surfaces. Onions’ organic acids and antibacterial characteristics help to remove burned residue from Traeger grill grates.

To keep the burners on your grill in a good position and hot, you must heat them for 15 minutes first. Food residue will be burned off as a result. 

Meanwhile, you have to cut a medium-sized onion in half. Rub the onion along the grill plates when it has warmed up. To make the onion easier to handle, you can use a wide fork or something comparable. 

In this way, you can clean the grill grates and burners easily with the onion.


It is essential to frequently clean your Traeger grill to keep it working at its best. The process only requires a few minutes and some basic tools, but the outcome will be outstanding.  

So, after reading this article, you will come to know how to clean your Traeger Grill with ease and simplicity. By following these steps, you can easily clean any type of grill. 

I hope that this article has guided you on how to maintain the functionality and visual value of your grill for many years to come. So, share your feedback with me!


How often should you clean your Traeger grill? 

Although Traeger pellet grills are famous for their ease of use, they need proper maintenance. You have to keep in mind that Traeger grills emit smokes just like a smoker as they are fueled by burning wood chips. You should regularly clean your Traeger grill to assure it can perform at its finest.

Can I use water to clean my Traeger Grill? 

Yes, any cleaning procedure needs water as a vital aspect. Water by itself won’t provide you with long-lasting cleansing benefits. Many portions of the Traeger grill require cleaning and rinsing with hot water. However, you will also need other supplies like soap, degreaser, scrubbing brushes, etc.

What brush should I use to clean my Traeger Grill? 

Traeger grills require cleaning, but they are simple to clean and maintain. The procedure of cleaning will need only the necessary equipment such as brushes. The Traeger grill cleaning brush has polyester bristles, a strong fiberglass grip, and a flat head that is made for cleaning in closed areas.

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