How to Clean a Flat Top Grill

how to clean a flat top grill

The flat-top grill has a circular shape and is used for grilling a wide range of delectable dishes. It is also available in other rectangular designs that are useful. Besides that, it has a smooth surface for even heat transfer for accurate food grilling.

So, have you ever used a flat top grill for cooking different types of meals? If yes then you might be aware that it will be difficult to clean a flat top grill after cooking. So, here the question is how to clean a flat top grill. 

I’ll provide a useful, step-by-step guide for cleaning a flat top grill in this article.

What is a Flat Top Grill? 

Flat-top grills are griddles-like grilling utensils. The heat source is what distinguishes a griddle from a flat top grill. The heating coils with a flat top grill are curved instead of flat. This kind of utensils produces an incredibly hot area that produces the quick heating function of the grill.

Flat top grills are popular in restaurants because they can quickly prepare a wide range of items. Flat-top grill maintenance is quite simple and quick. 

Cleaning your grill after each usage is key to easily preventing grease and dust collection. Your flat top grill can be cleaned in a variety of ways. 

You will have multiple options of traditional methods like soap and water, steam, or even specialized flat top grill cleansers and stones.

When to Clean your Flat Top Grill? 

The flavor and quality of your meal will decrease if your grill isn’t cleaned. It is necessary to clean your grill after every grilling process. This will also make your grill last for longer and provide a good quality meal. 

There could be many reasons to clean your grill. So, if you see any of the given symptoms, it’s good to give your flat top grill a proper cleanup.

  • Grease Build-up 
  • Food Sticking on your Grill 

Grease Build-up 

It is necessary to clean your grill if there is a noticeable layer of oil on the surface. The collected oil between foods will cause a taste change in your delicious meat. Thus, burned grease or oil will also change the flavor of the food.

That is the reason, you must maintain your grill to get the desired taste of the meal.

Food Sticking on your Grill 

Food doesn’t usually adhere to a hot and well-oiled grill. But if your flat top grill is unclean, your meat will adhere and will cook inaccurately. This is the major reason to clean your grill properly to get a fully cooked meal.

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill? 

The easiest way to prevent dirt and food particles from building on your flat top grill is to cleanse it after each usage. More particles collected on the grill will make it more difficult to clean and remove. 

The flavor of the next meal you prepare on your grill will diminish if you leave food leftovers on it. There are various methods for cleaning your barbecue grill. To keep their grills clean, the majority of manufacturers sell specialist brushes, scrapers, and grill cleaners.

Although the best non-stick sprays for grills are available on the market, there are also other options. Below are some methods that you can use; 

1-Using a Grill Cleaner 

2-Without Grill Cleaner 

  • Grill Brick 
  • Lemon Juice 
  • Vinegar 
  • Dishwashing Liquid 
  • Hot Oil 
  • Onion 
  • Steam 

Using a Grill Cleaner 

Grill cleaner is a solution that is splashed onto the grill. Then it is removed with a cloth after resting for a short while. Grease and food particles are removed by this kind of cleaning.

The Stera-Sheen Griddle & Flat Grill Surface Cleaning is a typical grill cleaner. This cleanser is made to completely remove any oil from your flat top grill. Also, it comes with US Health Quality Standards.

Without Grill Cleaner 

You must be asking how to clean a flat top grill without grill cleaners if you don’t know about it before. Well, the solution is very easy. You can cleanse your flat top grill in several ways using products you will already have in your kitchen. 

Here is a list of some ideas that are very simple and easy;

  • Grill Brick 

Grill bricks work better as compared to wire bristles for cleanup. It is because they won’t damage your grill. It is as simple as using a cloth if you’re thinking about how to clean a flat-top barbecue grill with grilling bricks. 

Oil and debris can be easily removed from a hot flat top grill using grill bricks. The best grill bricks are the Avant Grub Store Grill Cleaning Brick. These cleansing bricks do not collect the dirt they remove and also, and they are non-toxic.

  • Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice’s citrus quality makes it a fantastic cleaning agent for the kitchen and its surroundings. You can also apply this formula to clean your grill as it is not different as well. 

You can follow the below-given steps to know how to use lemon for cleaning;

  1. First of all, prepare the lemon and water solution. You will have to utilize one-fourth lemon juice and three-thirds water for this. 
  2. Then you will have to put the grill in the “hot” position.
  3. Apply the lemon juice with a sprayer and cover the grill with it.
  4. You will splash enough mixture to combine with the oil to make a thick paste.
  5. While the grill cooled down, you will have to turn it off and add more lemon juice solution.
  6. If the stove is still unclean, you must continue cleaning it.
  7. Keep applying the solution until the grill gets cleaned.
  • Vinegar 

You must be aware of the vinegar’s several applications. But have you ever pondered how to use a vinegar mixture to cleanse a flat top grill? 

Just carry out these few steps that are given below to know about the method of cleaning:

  • First, you must combine a vinegar and water mixture 
  • Turn the grill to high heat
  • You can use a grilling brush to distribute the vinegar solution all over the grill after spraying it with it
  • Once the solution and oil have clotted into a smudgy mess, you have to perform this procedure two or three more times
  • Now turn off the grill and add more of the vinegar solution to it
  • The sticky mixture will be removed with the vinegar
  • If required, you must repeat the procedure
  • In the end, remove it from the grill
  • Dishwashing Liquid 

Cleaning with a bar of soap and a cloth is the most traditional way to maintain your flat top grill. Also, it is preferable to clean any other utensils in the kitchen.

If the food scraps and drippings will not cook on the grill, they should be simple to remove. This is how many grill owners think about cleaning a flat top grill.

  • Hot Oil 

Utilizing hot oil is another simple method for cleaning your flat top. 

This is how you do it:

  • On a hot grill, you have to apply a small quantity of oil.
  • Make small circular movements with a grill brick to scrape the grease together.
  • To remove everything on the grill surface, you must wipe it with a grilling brush.
  • You must put a cloth to remove any remaining oil.
  • Onion

Have you ever thought about cleaning your flat top with an onion? Yes, it performs very well. 

  • First of all, you will cut a big onion. 
  • Then use the onion halves to clean the grill area that is contaminated while it is hot.
  • Any charred meat pieces on the grill can be removed using the onion.
  • This provides an onion scent and is a good method to cleanse dishes as well.
  •  Steam 

Are you asking how to clean a flat top without using chemicals? Then using steam and a grill brush is a simple solution.

  • You will have to turn the grill to high temperature first. Then remove any drippings or dust with a grill brush.
  • With your barbecue grill brush, you should drop water and brush it all around. 
  • If more water is required, you must add it and keep wiping the drips.
  • Once all of the drips are released and brushed off, remove the solution.


After going through this guide, you will discover an effective and easy method to clean and maintain your flat top grill. It is because I have explained all about how to clean a flat top grill in this article.

You can try various techniques until you find the one that cleans your grill accurately. The most important thing to keep in mind is to clean your grill every time you use it. It will help to prevent dirt and grime from collecting.

I hope that this article has assisted you to learn the best approach to cleaning a flat top grill. If yes then share your experience with me!


What should I do if my grill top is rusty? 

It is preferable to stay away from your grill from corrosion. Before using the countertop to cook, you should take the necessary precautions if you notice any rust. You must wipe off any leftover food before starting. Also, the grill must then be scraped with a stainless-steel brush or scraper after being oiled.

Should I season the flat top after I clean it? 

The grill should have a light coating of oil before cooking to provide a shield. Based on how often you prepare a meal on the grill, you must season it after every two months. You need to combine oil, butter, baking powder, and beef cutlets on a flat surface to season it.

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