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Best Grills Under $300

Do you know that the simplest method of cooking food slowly and cheaply is on a grill? Yes, they offer a natural flavor, taste, and aroma. Also, they are portable, which makes them easy to move and transport anywhere.  

Thus, there are several functions on grills for preparing delicious meals. You can roast, grill, and smoke with the grills. You will love to know that not all grills are costly. You can purchase them according to your budget as they vary in cost, mobility, and longevity.

As per my experience, I have used some grills under this budget range, they provide all the features as well as the comfort of use. If you think grills under this budget range will not work properly, it’s the wrong concept. 

So, I have researched grills and picked some top-quality and the best grills under $300.

Cuisinart CGG-608 Portable Grill 

Cuisinart CGG-608 Portable Grill 

Here I am going to start the list of the best grills under 300 by adding Cuisinart CGG-608 Portable Grill. This portable gas grill has designed to deliver the highest level of comfort and ease to cook your favorite burgers, steaks, or grilled meat. 

This is a superb grill that is made by a famous brand, Cuisinart. You will adore the feature that how portable it is. And this is the major benefit which makes it great for travel. Also, you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

Also, you can transport it like a backpack anywhere you want to have a barbecue. It is because it is so lightweight and portable as well as weighs less than 18 pounds.

Along with this grill, you will get more compactness with ample capacity. For a total work surface of 176 square inches, this grill only has one stove. On the other hand, you can ensure that your meal will be cooked quickly with 10,000 BTUs.

Additionally, a 1-lb cylinder of propane will operate instead of a massive, bulky tank. Also, you will like its integrated temperature sensor and simple screw starting. These levers make it simple to change the temperature to the proper level for the dish you are grilling. 

In addition, the greased pan gathers all the oils and grease that drop off the meat as it cooks. You will find it easier to wipe up and maintain as a result.

  • Super portable to take anywhere
  • 10,000 BTUs for quick grilling
  • High-end construction quality
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Easy twist start ignition
  • Not good for large families

Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill 

Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill 

The second most fantastic item is known as Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill on my list. For all grill lovers who want taste and quality within a reasonable budget, this one is the finest option. It is among the most reliable and durable grills. 

The Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill is prominent among all grills because of its stylish and sleek design. Two outer working desks of this grill are completely adjustable. When not in use, this makes the grill very lightweight and very small.

For increased durability, this gas grill’s frame and cover are both built of carbon steel. The cast-iron grilling surfaces with ceramic finish provide excellent heat dissipation. The overall structure is made stronger by the glass support of the polyester framework. 

The built-in side tables are useful if you don’t have a desk nearby. Because the catching pan is detachable, cleaning this grill is made to be extremely simple.

Although this grill only weighs 44 pounds. That way, you can be assured that it will be extremely sturdy. A built-in thermostat is also provided to you so that you can keep a look at the preparation of food. 

Not only that but also a heating tray is included in the layout. To increase the flexibility of the cooking time, the best gas grill’s bottom half is designed to function as a skillet.

  • Offers fantastic portability
  • Available in different colors
  • Quick cooking time due to good BTU rating
  • Highly durable and efficient
  • Super easy to clean
  • Not good for different dishes at the same time

Coleman Road-Trip 285 Portable Gas Grill 

Coleman Road-Trip 285 Portable Gas Grill 

Do you have a tight budget but you are looking for something that will not disappoint you with quality? Then you need to go nowhere! This Coleman Road-Trip is the best gas grill that will meet all your requirements by providing you the fullest flavor of grilled meat. 

This grill has a very attractive design that will look adorable in your garden. There are five different color options for the Coleman Road-Trip Portable Propane Grill. This provides it with a very stunning appearance.

Although the grilling space is only 285 square inches, small families and couples can use it. With 20,000 BTUS of capacity, meals can be cooked incredibly quickly. You can prepare all of your desired meals on this grill.

More amazingly, you can cook meals in advance and preserve them till you are ready due to its incredible heating tray. The unique side desks can be used for very strong food preparation.

It has the wonderful feature of a ground-breaking Insta-start lighting setting that makes starting the grill very enjoyable. This best gas grill under 300 also has two cast-iron grills with ceramic coating. They fit perfectly and nicely that is quite simple to clean.

Additionally, to make it simple to transfer into the required location, this model also has caster wheels. This implies that you can be sure that the grill will stick firmly in position during the preparation of food.

  • Provides quick start-up
  • Set with three adjustable burners
  • Delivers 20,000 BTUs of power
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Features two durable side tables
  • Average construction quality

Mega-master 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill 

Mega-master 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill 

This is the last but not the least item on my list of the best grills named Mega Master 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill. Do you require a gas barbecue grill with a particularly large capability? Then this is the best choice for you with 730 square inches of cooking space. 

If you are organizing a large-scale party, this is specially designed for this. You can save a significant amount of time if you will prepare large quantities of meals at once using this gas grill. 

The Mega-master 6 Burner Gas Grill surprises with its sizable mixed grilling and heating surface. Impressively, the main cooking space of this grill is 543 square inches. Additionally, a sizable heating tray is available for preparing food before time.

With the help of six stoves, an incredible 54,000 BTUs of heat are delivered to you. This increases the chances that the grill will heat fast and uniformly. In this way, you can cook your desired meal quickly. 

The porcelain heat slayers also significantly lower the risk of flare-ups. You can utilize the unique heating racks if you notice that you want to prepare more food than you need. Additionally, this model includes a deep fryer that is very wide.

Large side tables are also available for use in meal preparation. You should be aware that this gas barbecue grill requires a lot of space because it is rather large and powerful. Sadly, the exterior trays cannot be folded up to make the model smaller.

  • Utilizes electronic ignition
  • Set with a 210-square-inch warming rack
  • 543 square inches of cooking space
  • Delivers 54,000 BTUs
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer
  • Difficult to fold side tables

Buying Guide 

Before you go to the market to purchase a grill, it is essential to collect enough information about that specific grill. This will allow you to make an accurate purchase without any mistakes. You can also save your money and time if you have already researched that item. 

In this matter, I have provided some pointers that you should keep in mind while purchasing a grill. I have made the task easy and simple for you. So, without any delay, let’s start looking at different factors about grills.

Cooking Surface 

Are you searching for a barbecue grill to accommodate large gatherings or family gatherings? You must consider purchasing a gas grill with a sizable stove top. It makes it possible to prepare food for roughly 8 to 9 people at once. It is useful for preparing food for large gatherings.

In general, you must have a grill with a grilling space of up to 500 square inches to satisfy such demands.

Number of Burners 

You can prepare several various sorts of food at once on a grill if it has several stoves. You can cook burger patties while frying vegetables if there are additional burners. Thus, the cost of adding more stoves is higher.

You must ensure to choose a grill with at least two stoves if you have a $300 budget. A three or four-burner barbecue grill would be best if you want to host a large group of people. If a single or two-burner grill meets your needs, do not invest additional money on a larger and more expensive model.

BTU Level 

BTU is the British Thermal Unit. It measures the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of one pound of liquid by one degree F. This aspect is significant while considering your cooking time. Thus, the grills with high BTU output would be expensive.

Low BTU ratings will not indicate a low-quality grill. The majority of gas grills with lesser BTU heat output display ideal grilling efficiency. It enables you to prepare your preferred meat as well.


When searching for a grill that is appropriate for traveling, portability is an important element to consider.  You must find it simple to move to your backyard or terrace when you want to enjoy a grilled sandwich or something similar. 

The portable grill is created with portability, connected casters, and reduced weight. They are designed to offer sufficient grilling capacity while moving.

Are you searching for a grill for outdoor trips? A portable barbecue grill would be more convenient than a normally larger one.


The grills under 300 budget range are constructed from rust-free and strong materials. They are made for longer usage and more exceptional performance. 

Grills are mostly used to prepare food for outside parties. The versatility of grilling in various weather situations is made possible by the stainless-steel composition. But it’s important to keep in mind that these grills are larger and more difficult to transfer to multiple locations. 

So, it will be beneficial to have a grill with two or four commercial-grade rollers.


In this article, I have included the best grills under $300 for those who are a newbie to grilling. So, if you are considering purchasing one that meets your requirements and needs, you must read out this article thoroughly. 

When it is about my preference, I will suggest you purchase Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill. This gas grill is name of quality and performance. You will get all easy-to-operate features and the highest level of ease with this gas grill. 

What is your favorite grill among all? Let me know through your positive feedback!


Can you get a good-quality grill under 300? 

It is simpler than you might assume to get a propane gas grill at a reasonable price. Within this budget range, you can have the high standards, comforts, and cooking area you require for a satisfying barbeque.

What is the best 6-burner gas grill? 

The Mega Master 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel is the best 6-burner gas grill. This grill has a grilling surface size of 543 square inches and a total BTU output of 54000. Its curved flame slayers provide an even heating system and prevent flare-ups.

How many BTUs does a Weber Grill have? 

This grill has a grilling surface size of 626.8 square inches and a total BTU output of 60000. Its curved fire tamers are responsible for its even heat supply. Additionally, it transforms food drips into a smokey taste injection.

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